Saturday, October 9, 2010

(= The Long Ride From Home To Home . . .

 OMG, Move-In day was one of the longest days of my entire life. Move-In day at North Carolina Central University was on August 11 for freshman students. I live in Saint Pauls, NC which is about an hour and 45 minutes from Durham, NC. I was so excited about finally moving into my residence hall but I had no idea what to expect. My mother and I loaded our van down with all my stuff that I had bought over the summer for college. I didn't realize how much I had until I started packing it up. My van was packed to the point that I was uncomfortable; thank goodness I didn't live that far away.
 We left my wonderful town of St. Pauls, NC on August 10 because we had gotten a hotel right down the street from the NCCU. The ride from St.Pauls to Durham, NC was so hard for me because I had mixed emotions for the first time ever. I was happy to finally be leaving St.Pauls but at the same time I was sad to be leaving my friends, family and all the memories I had made behind. The ride was quiet because the idea that I was actually moving was weighing heavy on both me and my mother. My mother and I had a wonderful time in the hotel just reminscing and laughing all night but before we knew it it was morning. That morning I was filled with excitement and expectations. I got to NCCU at about 9 a.m. and it was P A C K E D!
 There were no parking spaces. There was people everywhere carrying boxes and pushing carts. There were plenty of people with NCCU gear on helping people out. I have no idea where New Res II was located but some helpful Residential Life volunteers help me find the right parking lot. I had so much stuff. I had to make two trips in this little cart with this lady. When I finally got all my stuff in New Res II I had to get it upstairs to the 5th floor where my room was. This guy with a Residential Life shirt on somehow piled me and all my stuff on the elevator then help me unload it to my room. Thank God for him otherwise I don't know how I would've done it. When I got to my room I was soo satisfied. It looked better than I expected. Immediately my mother went to work on decorating which is her favorite thing to do. My roomate wasn't in the room yet so I was anxious to meet her. I had a couple of conversations with her so I basically knew her. In about an hour, that plain room became my new home thanks to my mother's touch. My roommate came about 3 hours later and I met her. She was super cool and still is. My mother didn't leave that day until about 4p.m. and that’s when my adventure as a college student all began (: !